AMD has published the programming guide for the RDNA 3 instruction set (ISA). The first RX 7000 graphics cards are on the market and developers will receive the programming guide to make the most of them.

New developments around GPUOpen cover the instruction set architecture of the new RDNA 3 GPUs. They allow developers to optimize their applications, tools and games to take full advantage of AMD’s gaming architecture.

AMD’s ISA provides complete execution information for the RDNA3 shader code, as well as the entire list of available instructions and the entire memory structure, which should make low-level optimization and compiler-level tuning much easier for developers.

AMD has made great strides with RDNA 3, making Radeon GPUs an option worth considering for gamers, video editors and content creators. If AMD can get software developers to optimize their software for Radeon hardware, AMD should be able to make further gains in this market, although Nvidia remains the clear leader in the workstation market.

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