Telenor Bulgaria has officially launched its multi-purpose 5G network in Bulgaria. The company showcased the unrivalled quality and capacity of the next-generation network with a real-time speed test during a special event in Burgas.

Telenor customers attending the event experienced speeds of up to 1500 Gbit per second for download and 113 for upload in a live network environment with multiple use cases running simultaneously. At its special event for the 5G commercial launch, Telenor made a number of demonstrations to show the potential of 5G, including, 4K media broadcast, VR cloud-based gaming and VR industrial 5G simulation.

5G is now available in more than 60 locations across Bulgaria, including the capital Sofia, Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv, major cities and seaside resorts. Telenor was the first mobile operator in Bulgaria to demonstrate the capabilities of the new technology in 2019 in the field of healthcare with the first 360-degree medical check-in in three connected locations and in the entertainment sector with the first live 5G concert streaming, among others.

Telenor announced it will start offering FWA (fixed wireless access) with 5G. FWA provides broadband services to homes using wireless mobile network technology. New and existing customers will now have access to very high and stable internet speeds delivered over Telenor’s high-quality and reliable 5G network. Jason King, Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Bulgaria, commented:

“Since placing Bulgaria’s first live 5G video call in 2019, we’ve been learning, testing, and growing our network so that we could offer our customers the best possible 5G experience. The time is right today and it’s with tremendous pride that we launch 5G for our customers.”

Today is about Telenor creating the next chapter in its ongoing story towards contributing a positive impact to our country’s digital transformation and the growth of e-society in Bulgaria; in this our 20th year as a mobile service provider and beyond.

Currently, over 55% of Telenor smartphone portfolio is 5G-capable and customers will have access to more than 30 5G-ready devices in numerous price ranges. ogdan Uzelac, Chief Commercial Officer, Telenor Bulgaria, also added:

“We are dedicated to getting 5G in the hands of everyone and this is why we will provide 5G to all our customers at no extra cost as part of all our post-paid tariff plans. We made sure that we have built the necessary 5G ecosystem to allow for the successful adoption of the new technology from a world-class quality network through accessible tariff plans to a wide array of 5G-enabled devices. We stepped on the Best in Test 4G network and developed the 5G technology aiming to lead in delivering fast, reliable and secured mobile experience.”

Telenor plans to expand its network coverage rapidly in the following months with the aim to be a leader in 5G coverage and network quality by the middle of next year.


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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International