Tech company Apito has announced new product updates designed to help companies looking to better control costs in challenging economic conditions.

According to the company, these features offer the developers better visibility and insight into their technology spend, better understanding and communication of important business metrics, and building operational agility to meet new demands. Apito’s goal is to provide better flexibility of technology spend.

This gives organizations several ways to view, understand, and analyze their data. In addition, new Apptio updates offer users help to connect project investments with the value delivered by bridging data silos within business, finance and IT. This works to present insights in real-world terms to improve collaboration and alignment.

Lastly, new features focus on accelerating business agility. The innovations are designed to help improve businesses build operations and to make the responses quicker. These new features will improve the market conditions, making the work easier and faster.

A few key features include:

  • Rightsizing Explorer to add an interactive launching pad to digest right sizing recommendations 
  • Container cost amortization to allow users to apply the full cost of consumed reserve instances and savings plans to Kubernetes clusters 
  • Data integration of ApptioOne and Targetprocess to connect CFOs and financial teams to every level of Agile business functions
  • ROI tracking for resizing recommendations to allow for individual right sizing recommendations to be automatically entered in Cloudability 
  • Continued enhancements to the Targetprocess Solutions Library 
  • A native integration solution for Targetprocess and Azure DevOps
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