Happy employees drive success in large corporations and small businesses alike

In the tech business world, the secret to success lies in employee satisfaction. Recent studies highlight the key role of employee happiness, showing that it has a significant impact on motivation, productivity and innovation. The extra effort that happy employees put in is not an obligation, but a genuine desire to contribute even more to the company they work for. Remarkably, studies show that employees who are happy and satisfied in their jobs are 48.4% more likely to stay with the same company and work for its success, giving their all.

On the other hand, the consequences of unhappy and dissatisfied employees are a serious problem for businesses. Employee dissatisfaction leads to annual financial losses of a staggering $300 billion, according to a study, which is attributed to increased sick leave, absenteeism and an increase in workplace errors.

In a fast-paced industry like tech, a pleasant work atmosphere is key to the well-being of a company’s employees and the sense of comfort they feel despite being away from home. And when an employee feels comfortable and “in place,” they are productive, motivated and full of interesting ideas and a desire to work.

Today we will introduce you to the top 5 ideas on how to create a more pleasant working atmosphere in your tech office according to Hiveage.

How to Create a More Pleasant Working Atmosphere in TECH Office

Bring in natural lighting to the work environment
Not only does natural lighting look better, but there is a strong connection between natural light in the workplace and employees’ quality of sleep and energy. Neurology researchers at Northwestern University found that people who work in offices with windows receive 173 percent more white light (i.e. light from the sun) during work hours and sleep an extra 46 minutes every night. Workers were better rested and therefore in a better frame of mind.

Create a clean and comfortable office space
It doesn’t take a psychologist to tell you that when you are in an area that is attractive, comfortable, and pleasant, you feel better. This is true of both the home and the work environment, so be sure to clear away clutter and broken equipment, and mend flickering light bulbs and temperamental air conditioning or heating units. And though it may not seem like a big deal, invest in new, ergonomic furniture, plants, updated equipment, and quality coffee and snacks. Your staff will not only appreciate that their well-being is important to you, but they’ll be energetically affected by the space in a positive way.

Provide quiet rooms for employees
Open office layouts are a necessity in many cases, but you should consider providing a few areas where employees can retreat if they need quiet or solitude to concentrate on a difficult project. It can cut down on the stress and interruptions, which improves mood and productivity. You might also think about providing nap rooms, for which Google (among others) is famous. Studies show that a 20 or 30 minute power nap is better than a cup of coffee to boost energy for those people who regularly work long hours, engage in intensive, complicated work, or travel to out-of-town bureaus.

Have an open-door policy for team members
Employees report higher job satisfaction and are more likely to stay at a job where they feel listened to and appreciated. One way to do this is to ensure transparency between managers and workers because conflicts often surface when employees feel left out of the loop or like they are merely indentured laborers. Make it known that you are always available for questions, comments, and concerns. And “open door” should be taken literally—keeping the door open encourages friendly communication.

Equip the office with recreational areas for employees
If you can, make room for outdoor hoops or an indoor ping pong table. Team members will enjoy having a place to get a little exercise or to blow off some steam between tasks. Plus, friendly games with others can lead to better rapport and team cohesion.

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