Piper has introduced its new Piper Make Robotics Expedition Kit which is intended for building and coding robots at home. 

The newly launched Robotics Expedition Kit provides a hands-on experience for kids who are interested in building robots, using their own imagination. The two kinetic creations – the Walker ambulatory (quadruped), and the Rover, an omnidirectional (3-roller), give kids an opportunity to search for inspiration from the world around them in order to come up with design ideas for the robots. 

The browser-based Make platform is available free of charge and it is compatible with Chromebooks as well as other computers. Its story-telling based lessons’ aim is to motivate children to use the hands-on building process rather than just relying on a theoretical approach. 

Piper is suitable for everyone – from people who are just interested and are making their first steps in coding to advanced users who are aware of robotics and coding. 

With all its interactive virtual representations, translations of Google Blockly code to text-based Circuit Python, and more, Piper Make is designed to let anyone learn the basics of hardware and coding. 

The Piper Make Starter Kits includes 4 Servo Motors, 2 Servo Wheels with Tires Ultrasonic Range Finder, 13 Laser Cut, Laser Etched Wood pieces, 3D Printed Sensor holder, Screwdriver, and jumper wires and the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller.  

The Piper Make Robotics Expedition Kit lets budding technocrats indulge in an interactive and gamified experience in order to make their foray into STEM. It challenges them to improve their real-life problem-solving talents coupled with creative computational thinking, logical reasoning, and better observation skills. 

If you would like to experience the Robotics Expedition Kit, however, you have to take the Starter Kit first. It contains Raspberry Pi Pico, breadboard, LEDs, resistors, switches and wires, which can be used in dozens of other projects on the Piper Make platform. 

There are even five new projects included with the Robotics Kit and the key features are: build your own robots, Piper Make Coding Interface, Raspberry Pi Pico, Chromebook/Classroom Compatibility.

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