A new option has been added to YouTube Studio. By adding it, the company gives its creators an opportunity to visualize the performance of their uploads by the focus topic.

The advanced analytics element allows you to view a dispersed scheme of your videos and their performance on different variable timelines. Also, you will be provided which gives you an opportunity to explore videos on a similar topic.

The new feature is a great way to compare the video performance as you can explore more similar clips instead of comparing them one by one.

Also, you will be able to display up to 100 videos at once and sort them in different categories such as “First 24 hours”, “First 7 days” or “First 28 days”.

If you would like to be given an access to your video performance, you just need to enable the option from the Settings by clicking the “Compare to” option in the Advanced mode menu from the channel analytics.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International