Microsoft is continuously developing its code writing and AI generation software, GitHub Copilot. The tech giant’s goal is to make GitHub Copilot a more user-friendly tool that increases developer productivity by helping them write code faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever before, Business Today reports.

Microsoft’s new tool provides developers with an AI-powered assistant that can give advice and guidance on programming tasks, offer solutions to common problems, and provide automated solutions for writing code.

GitHub Copilot can also help developers streamline their workflow and help them avoid costly bugs, as well as allow them to deploy code to their desired platforms quickly and easily.

But that’s not all. GitHub Copilot also provides a “Code Navigation” feature that helps developers more easily navigate their database and more quickly navigate to different parts of their code by providing a searchable list of all the functions, variables, and classes in the database.

In addition to these features, GitHub Copilot also provides a feature called “Code Reviews”. With it, developers can collaborate with team members and get feedback on their code. This improves the quality of the code and ensures that it meets the team’s standards.

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