The iPhone 15 series will bring some notable changes that have users excited. Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation devices this fall.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will feature new technology that will help narrow the bezels around the display to just 1.5mm, compared to 2.2mm on the iPhone 14 Pro series. The LIPO display process is already being used by the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple is now expected to introduce it in the iPhone Pro series and eventually in the next generation iPad Pro devices.

The company has been using its own Lightning charger for iPhones since 2012, but the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will be compatible with USB-C charging. 120Hz ProMotion displays will remain exclusive to the Pro phones.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models will reportedly have titanium edges instead of stainless steel. This will make the models lighter and more comfortable.

The 15 Pro series will also have updated cameras with a true periscope lens that will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max and will offer 6x optical zoom.

The new features on this year’s new iPhones are expected to come at a higher price. The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is said to start at $200 more than last year’s 14 Pro Max, while the price of the 15 Pro will increase by $100.

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