Python is one of the most preferred programming languages. It’s a versatile language with a lot of features, but sometimes experienced programmers feel that it’s not enough when it comes to discovering new tricks in Python.

Nowadays, it is very important for self-taught Python programmers to have a good knowledge of writing code and programming. We’ve chosen to share with you the top 10 secret programming tips related to Python, presented by Analytics Insight.

10 Coding Tips for Python Developers

Swapping numbers
Swapping is an important concept when it comes to data structures and algorithms. Here we will need to create a temporary variable that we use to store value temporarily so that the other one gets empty and we can swap the values.

Concatenating Strings
This is one of the useful and handy tricks. Learning this coding tips for self-taught Python developers can put them a step ahead in life.

Reversing a String
Reversing a string is among the top secret tips for self-taught Python developers. You can use a simple concept of string slicing and negative indexing. Python can have a negative index, we just slice it and don’t provide any starting and ending value, just give the range of -1, i.e it will start from the last index till the first one, thus will reverse it.

Converting lists into dictionary
This is one of the really useful tricks when you work on real projects on Django and Machine learning and more. Use zip() function like before, this time just invoke it in the dictionary constructor.

The _ Operator
The _ operator might be something that you might not have heard of. Here _ is the output of the last executed expression. Sometimes it has becomes very helpful to use this secret tips.

Opening a website
Python is all about cool stuff. Here one of the coolest tricks is to open a website using a python script. Isn’t it interesting?

Colored Text
Colored Text is also a superb tip for python developers. If you are bored with the old black and white console, this trick can be a savior.

The Walrus(:=) Operator
Walrus operators is one of the latest additions to Python. It was recently added to Python in Python version 3.8. It is an assignment expression that allows assignment directly in the expression.

Shutting down a computer
Let’s check how we can shut down a computer using just one line of code. For this we will use the OS module. It is one of the really important modules in python with many other functionalities.

List comprehension
List comprehension is an elegant way to define and create lists in python. We can create lists just like mathematical statements and in one line only. The syntax of list comprehension is easier to grasp. It’s a smart way to work with lists.

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