The European Defense Fund (EDF) announced the winners in 2022 calls for proposals. Bianor is part of three of the awarded project consortia. The new multi-year projects scheduled to start later in 2023 are REACTII, EC2, and FACT.

Responsive Electronic Attack for Cooperation Tasks II (REACTII) is coordinated by the Spanish defense industry leader Indra. The project aims to boost efforts of the EU defense sector to fill in the existing gaps in the EU Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) capabilities. REACT II will bring all the progress and lessons learned from REACT I (funded under EDIDP-2019). The solution’s ultimate objective is to improve reliability and security for operations. Bianor’s work is focused on the solution’s software architecture and interfaces.

European Command and Control System (EC2) is an Indra-coordinated project also featuring the Italian airspace, defense, and security forerunner Leonardo. The project creates a single access point for command and control, contributing to operational capabilities. EC2 will continue the EDIDP project on command and control, ESC2. It will be a critical enabler for operations and missions under the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), providing the EU with a multi-domain command and control solution. The system will centralize all operational capabilities in a single access point. The project will cover study, design, system prototyping, and testing actions. It will ensure interoperability with all government actors. Bianor’s responsibilities include establishing interoperability with external systems.

Federated Advanced Cyber-physical Test range (FACT) is led by the Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS in partnership with Leonardo and Rheinmetall. FACT will create a standard toolbox for cyber-physical testing with a common architecture and environment. The project will deliver a new European capability for cyber-physical testing and verification of equipment based on two disruptive and unique assets: an advanced cyber-physical test range capability and a European-wide federated approach. FACT will ensure an improved and coordinated cyber security focus, enhancing performance and productivity and reducing risk and cost compared to stand-alone Cyber range environments. Bianor will implement the software solution for data processing in a federated environment.

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