The GitHub Copilot Enterprise version is now available for users. GitHub Copilot Enterprise integrates into an organization’s databases so that it can provide more relevant and specific responses, allowing for greater developer productivity.

The new release includes features that allow developers to better understand their codebase.

“It empowers junior developers to contribute quicker, assists senior developers in handling live incidents, and aids in modernizing aging codebases by offering clear code summaries, relevant suggestions, and quick answers to queries about code behavior,” Thomas Dohmke, CEO of GitHub, wrote in a blog post.

The chat feature seamlessly integrates with, empowering developers to seek assistance and obtain comprehensive responses containing helpful links to documentation or existing solutions tailored to their requirements.

Moreover, GitHub is currently in the beta phase of testing an integration with Bing search, enabling developers to harness the vast resources of the internet for information retrieval, including updates to frameworks.

Additionally, GitHub Copilot Enterprise boasts features like automatically generated pull request summaries and the capacity to scrutinize disparities between the current codebase and proposed modifications, streamlining the comprehension of code changes and ultimately saving valuable time.

“Copilot Enterprise has improved collaboration across the SDLC by making it easier for our engineers to source and find information via Copilot Chat. We’re also seeing a significant increase in overall developer productivity. Our engineers are coding faster, collaborating more effectively, and building better outcomes”, said Tommy MacWilliam, engineering manager for Infrastructure at Figma.

GitHub has affirmed that GitHub Copilot Enterprise refrains from utilizing companies’ data for model training, unless explicit consent has been provided, particularly in the instance of custom models.

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