There is no doubt that Minecraft is one of the most famous video games of all time. It is a favourite game for a lot of players all around the world and that’s why Mojang has continued to release new updates for both the Bedrock Edition (mobile, Windows 10 Edition, consoles, etc.) and the original Java Edition. The ‘Caves & Cliffs’ update was announced last year, but later it was splitted into two updates. The first one was released on June 8 as Minecraft version 1.17, and the second one is now rolling out.

The Caves and Cliffs update is also known as version 1.18. It is now available on Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition (via Android Police). The Bedrock update increases the world height and depth, and gives a brand new cave generation, new cave and mountain biomes, revamped ore and biome generation, new music tracks, and many bugs are fixed.

When it comes to the Java Edition update it has most of the same changes, including updated biome and ore generation, new music, taller worlds, and expanded build limits. This update, however, now requires Java 17 or later. Fortunately, at the moment you open the game from the official Minecraft Launcher, everything will be automatically updated for you.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International