Lenovo Aware features include a break reminder that automatically notifies you to take a break according to your computer’s usage time settings.

Here is the “Lenovo Aware” smart learning solution for consumers. Its software aims to support the distance learning experience by addressing some of the digital challenges revealed last year. One such challenge is to maintain the concentration and motivation of young students and improve digital well-being while attending online classes. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the education sector by implementing distance learning. Lenovo also cited a survey conducted on virtual education that revealed the main challenges facing parents.

In its study, Lenovo found that the most common challenges parents face in adapting to online schools are questions about the effectiveness of online learning, continuous monitoring for children, excessive screen time and body. Posture issues mentioned that it involves overuse of connected laptops and other electronic devices. According to Lenovo, the new smart learning solution addresses these issues by using the PC’s built-in camera to detect eye contact between a person’s body language and the device. The software can be activated within the Lenovo Vantage and all features must be manually activated by opting in from the Lenovo Aware settings. The software, with the help of pop-up notifications and voice alerts, tells the user to sit off the screen, correct their posture, rest off the screen and rest their eyes.

The main features of the software are break reminders and distance reminders that automatically notify the user to take a break according to the computer usage time settings set by the user: detect the distance between the user’s face and the PC screen. Posture reminder: Detects whether the user is sitting properly and warns the user if the wrong sitting position is consistent for a period of time. Attention Function: Determines if the user is currently in a concentrated state.

On the other hand, Lenovo Аware software presents very real challenges that need to be addressed with remote learning and remote work. There is a big trade-off of privacy. Allowing a company to access a person’s camera for an extended period of time certainly raises questions.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International