Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology company Codeplay has won a second key contract with the US Government.

The Edinburgh-based business, already a world-leader in the AI technology used in devices such as self-driving vehicles and drones, has been selected by the US Department of Energy’s (DoE) National Labs to supply its software to a second supercomputer called Frontier, one of the highest performance computers in the world.

Frontier will be used by researchers working in diverse areas such as medicine, alternative energy, environment, high-energy and nuclear physics, advanced computing, materials science and chemistry.

On the back of this success, and strong demand from some of the largest tech companies in the world, Codeplay is expecting to add 20 software developers and computer scientists to its current payroll of 80 over the next year.

Additionally, having recently established a European presence in Ireland, the company is looking at further growth opportunities in Europe, as well as in Asia and North America. Charles Macfarlane, a chief business officer at Codeplay, described the latest deal as “an incredible endorsement of Codeplay and our technology.”He also added:

“Much more than an important commercial win, this engagement from the Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories in the US will further enhance our already strong reputation enabling supercomputers. Significantly it shows that our software is portable to almost any hardware – our first engagement with the National Labs was on Nvidia processors – while this is for use on AMD processors. Enabling artificial intelligence and supercomputers are the most progressive technologies today and bring the toughest software challenges to overcome. We are entering a period of accelerated growth, be that automotive, where manufacturers are constantly looking to push the boundaries of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), in supercomputing, smartphones or any of the many markets with artificial intelligence.”

Foresight Group, which supports innovative British companies at the cutting edge of technology, invested in Codeplay in 2018. Crover, an Edinburgh based start-up and developer of a robotic cereal testing device, has announced its first funding round through Crowdcube, the equity crowdfunding platform.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International