While many people still see Fortnite as a battle royale shooter game, the game’s developers are turning it into something much bigger: a hub for social interaction and self-expression, with the potential to become a metaverse, the Hindustan Times reports.

Fortnite creator Epic Games has revealed that it will be upgrading its game modding tools with Unreal Engine tools. This will allow players to create user-generated content (UGC) for Fortnite with professional-quality development tools, which could lead to entirely new kinds of creativity and interaction.

A different game
Fortnite has become an important social space for many players, providing functionality for self-expression and social interaction. The game has hosted premieres of movie trailers and virtual concerts by major artists, as well as evolving narratives and lore about the game’s central island itself. It is a hub for online socializing, with countless players spending hours each day meeting, socializing, and playing.

Upgrading the Unreal Engine tools is a huge step forward for Fortnite. Epic Games has effectively turned Fortnite into a giant online marketplace and play space for content created in the Unreal Engine.

With the availability of high-quality assets that can be imported into Fortnite, user-created additions can effectively become standalone high-quality games. With each passing day, Fortnite is becoming more and more of an ecosystem rather than just a game.

Fortnite is on the verge of creating a true metaverse-like platform?
Unreal Engine’s tool update brings it one step closer to the metaverse. In it, Fortnite can be a standalone ecosystem, enabling entirely new kinds of creativity and interaction. Fortnite is on the cusp of creating a true metaverse-like platform with many millions of daily users.

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