A number of intriguing and enlightening tech events are about to take place in September, 2021. We’ve provided brief information about each of the companies, hosting them:

Starting with HeatWave in Depth: From Machine Learning to Scalability Architecture, which will take place on September 1st  and 15th. On September 1st you can learn about the new HeatWave scale-out storage layer in the OCI Object Store. See how it enables 100X faster recovery, restart and upgrades. On September 15th the new HeatWave scalability architecture, enabling larger clusters, more nodes within each cluster, and improved scale factor will be presented.

Introduction to Oracle Cloud Native – It will be hosted virtually on September 8th and will include a discussion about how to deploy applications into a cloud-native microservice-based development framework leveraging the Oracle Cloud Native solutions. You will deploy an eCommerce application with polyglot microservices for each component of a highly scalable architecture leveraging Kubernetes and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure components.

Cloud Coaching: Machine Learning & Data Science will take place on September 13th. Each session covers a different technology or topic. Along with seeing live demonstrations of the latest in upcoming releases and functionality, you will learn best practices and tips for success.

On September 14th and September 16th you can join the Oracle Developer Live: Java Innovations online event. To advance developer skills, subject matter experts from the Java Platform Group at Oracle will deliver technical content that helps you create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications for a variety of targeted deployment environments. Gain insight into the incremental performance, stability, and security improvements in the new Java 17 release.

DevStyleR’s event “Position :: Java Developer” will also take place on September 16th, presenting the salaries of Java Developers, their career development and opportunities, recruitment process, frequently asked questions during an interview, employer’s requirements and so on.

Oracle will host another event on September 16thOracle Integration Update Webcast. Their Oracle Integration Product Manager Team will present new features, product roadmaps, discuss upcoming innovations and provide guidelines to help you adopt these quickly within your organization.

Building Microservices with Oracle Converged Database. On September 23th you can learn about modernizing and simplifying your data-driven applications with microservices architecture using Database Cloud and Helidon on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

You can join Connecting Private Kubernetes Clusters for OKE Using DevOps Tools and Connectivity by NetFoundry on September 29th. Oracle recently announced general availability of fully private Kubernetes clusters for OKE with 3 connectivity options, (1) Oracle FastConnect/MPLS, (2) VPN or SSH Bastion, or (3) Static Access Controls. Each one of these options has limitations which inhibits developer agility and innovation. Oracle has therefore partnered with NetFoundry to provide a 4th option to provide cloud-native, zero trust connectivity which can be deployed into OKE using tools like Helm as well as having both developer-friendly SDKs and APIs.

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