When it comes to answering the question “Are Remote Workers Actually Working?” it’s easy to hear some skepticism. But is that skepticism deserved оr are remote workers getting a bad rap?

According to a survey by Blind, 31% of professionals from 42 tech companies said they’re only putting in between three and four hours a day. The majority of these employees are also taking care of a few personal responsibilities, whether it be picking the kids up from school or taking the dog for a walk.

However there are some Amazon professionals who stated that they are working more during COVID-19 and their calendars are full but their managers are still asking for more.

“Amazon requires at least 10 hours a day, with exceptions and maybe less work on Fridays or more work on weekends.”

Another Amazon employee shared that he is working pretty much from 9:30am to midnight.

“Although sometimes I take a nap from 2-4pm (usually no lunch break) or take the dogs out and a 2 hr dinner break.“

A professional from FB added:

“If meetings count then 9-10. If they do not… < 1”

When it comes to how remote workers rate their performance vs. how their bosses rate their performance the answers from both sides are a little different but still positive.

A statistics by Sheets revealed that 72% of remote employees said they believe their boss trustс them to work independently and 3 out of 5 said they’ve never had to justify their work when working remotely. On the other hand, 99% of employers said they “sometimes” or “always” trust their remote employees to work independently.

So, even though both groups said such employees weren’t working all of the time, neither group felt that was the only relevant response. Whether you’re the employer of a remote worker or an employee who works remotely the take-home message is the same:

“There will always be those who surround “working from home” with an air of skepticism, but as long as the work gets done and done well, who cares if someone’s walking their dog?!”

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