Melax Tech, an AI-powered software provider of natural language processing (NLP) technology, announced the launch of Mercury NLP. The new software provides clinical NLP pipelines to extract relevant unstructured textual medical data to facilitate quantitative analytics in the medical field and pharmaceutical industry, among others. Mercury NLP allows easy and rapid access to text data from a variety of formats, and the software can be run in both a HIPAA compliant cloud environment or as an on-premise software.

Mercury NLP software is an out-of-the-box solution at half the cost per byte of the competitor products. While Mercury NLP users will find its built-in features suit all processing solutions, it can be customized for clients with specific data warehousing objectives. The new product will negate the need for manual data extraction from unstructured medical texts.

Mercury NLP software provides accurate, real-time extraction of text data around diagnoses, prescribed medications, tests, lab results, discharge plans and more. The technology can also be applied in the analysis of social determinants of health data to improve public health. Frank Manion, PhD, Vice President for Innovation at Melax Tech, said:

“We are confident Mercury NLP will foster important breakthroughs in medical research. NLP technology is a largely untapped tool, and we want to change this by showcasing the benefits that it can provide in healthcare and other biomedical domains, where as much as 80% of data is housed in unstructured text notes.”

The Melax Tech suite of NLP software includes a COVID-19 symptom extractor based on their flagship software, CLAMP.

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