Technology became one of the most important and significant aspects of our everyday lives. Nowadays we are drowned with cool gadgets and useful applications which are supposed to help us in our routine, work, school or just to entertain us. 

However, how does technology affect our childrens’ health, upbringing and skills?

Social skills 

Kids are too naive and they can easily be deceived by someone they don’t know personally. Their childish world starts fading slowly after realizing that not everyone has good intentions. Parents should monitor their children’s online activity and talk to them regularly about risks hidden behind the kind profile photo with an animal on it. All those social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. are killing their social skills and making them bad at communication in person.

Health problems 

Staring at the little screen all day long leads to a lot of health problems. With no playing outside and the lack of exercise children can gain weight which will bring a number of other unwanted problems. They can be mentally exhausted and usually nervous and rude to their friends or family.

Not focused enough 

Of course, they are just kids. They find everything around them interesting and exciting including that one game which they just downloaded because their friends are also playing it. This is the time when they are no longer focused on their school work or doing the household chores and start making everything as fast as they can in order to beat the next level.

What about the positive impacts? 

Self-expression and creativity 

There are thousands of applications which give children an opportunity to express themselves by writing or drawing. The time when paints, brushes and pens were the leaders of self-expressing has already passed. Of course, art is one of the greatest ways in the world to help an individual to express themselves and combined with technology it makes it even more attractive sometimes.

Research and exploring interests 

Nowadays, kids are interested in a million things – from nature and paintings to the universe and science. It’s wonderful that there are so many sources of information they can learn more about their interests from. In that way they can do their own research and explore more aspects of their favorite subjects.


There are some cool apps which are really helpful when kids are not aware of how to arrange their assignments. By using them, they learn how to be more organized and responsible in their school life – all these lessons, homeworks and projects can be a real mess sometimes especially now – when online education is here.

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