Nvidia is going all in on artificial intelligence technologies. At its GTC 2023 developer conference, the company unveiled new services and hardware aimed at powering multiple AI offerings, yahoo reports.

“The impressive capabilities of generative AI have created a sense of urgency for companies to reimagine their products and business models,”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said in a statement.

One of the biggest announcements at the show was Nvidia’s new DGX Cloud service, which provides enterprise customers with the supercomputing capabilities needed to train their own models of generative AI and other applications.

According to the graphics chip giant, Amgen is using DGX Cloud along with Nvidia’s BioNeMo large language model to speed up drug discovery.

“With NVIDIA DGX Cloud and NVIDIA BioNeMo, our researchers are able to focus on deeper biology instead of having to deal with AI infrastructure and set up ML engineering,”

said Peter Grandsard, executive director of Amgen’s Center for Research Acceleration by Digital Innovation.

Nvidia also announced its new AI Foundations service. It will allow companies to create and manage their own big language and generative AI models based on the data they provide.

Nvidia’s new cuLitho software library will help semiconductor manufacturers design and create chips faster than current manufacturing processes.

The software, which is being used by companies such as TSMC and ASML, uses GPUs to replace CPUs in manufacturing processes, with Nvidia promising a 40-fold jump in overall chip creation performance.

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