A Colorado family has thanked an Amazon delivery driver for saving their lives from the Marshall Fire that raged across Boulder County on Thursday and Friday.

Mary Stanley said that she, her husband and their four-month-old son were napping at their home in Superior on Thursday when they smelled smoke. They quickly gathered a few things when they saw flames outside and realised that they had to leave immediately.

When they tried to find their neighbours, the couple realised that they were alone in the neighbourhood as everyone else had already evacuated.

Amazon’s courier, Luann, arrives at the incident. At that very moment, the girl has delivered a parcel ordered by their family. Ms. Stanley tells Fox News KDVR:

“She was actually pretty calm about it, she offered to help and she got us in the van and propped us up against the side and she dropped us off at the nearest community center.”

Noticing their situation, Luanne offered to evacuate the Stanleys and their baby using her delivery van.

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