Adobe has released an artificial intelligence tool called Firefly that lets users enter commands to quickly change images, CNBC reports.

Firefly’s first model focused on creating images and text effects. A sample video from Adobe included a product demo for a “Generate Variations” option, for example. By highlighting an element in a multilayer work of art — a lighthouse, in the demo video — Adobe Firefly uses AI to generate different versions of the lighthouse.

Adobe also shows how one can take a picture of a summer scene and write “change scene to winter day” to change the image without any user editing.

Firefly can also automatically change the photo or image the user is working on, using generative artificial intelligence to create a paintbrush based on something already in the image.

However, new AI tools face ethical problems. With ChatGPT and similar products, these concerns relate to the tendency of models to “hallucinate” plausible-sounding but inaccurate information.

In image processing technologies, such as DALL-E or Stable Diffusion, concerns have been raised that models steal artists’ content, reconstruct it, and present it without acknowledgement or permission from the creator.

Adobe said Firefly will focus on giving creators “opportunities to leverage your skills and creativity and protect your work.” The company already offers non-artificial intelligence platforms that do this.

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