IndiGO is a software platform that plays on all screens inside the vehicle. It presents a unified interface and acts as an operating system. The platform works with different vehicle functions like air conditioning, GPS and mobile network antennas. It can also manipulate the physical buttons of the car for regulating the temperature or adjusting the volume of music.

The platform works with the Android Automotive operating system (AAOS) for a certain period of  time, and is delivered to manufacturers with access to the IndiGO source code, SDKs and APIs.

In fact, IndiGO works like the underlying software for the car, to which the manufacturer can offer its own design and applications. TomTom believes manufacturers can save money and time with IndiGO, because they no longer have to develop the car’s core software themselves.

External companies can also create applications for IndiGO. What is more, Alexa works with the car’s built-in microphones and the Music app works with steering wheel buttons and speakers. The platform recognizes the driver on the basis of his smartphone and can add a profile, including contacts and playlists. Moreover, the car can suggest more navigation routes based on the driver’s agenda.

The company adds that it has taken electric vehicles into consideration with IndiGO. In addition, the software can set up the battery to charge, which TomTom will likely indicate to ensure the correct battery temperature.

IndiGO is ready for customers. However, it is not clear if TomTom actually has customers for IndiGO and when the first cars will be delivered with the software.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International