AI tools are becoming more widely available. The companies that develop them invest billions of dollars to make our daily lives easier, CNN reports. Along with the use of AI tools, however, issues related to copyright infringement also arise.

President Joe Biden, during his State of the Union address, urged Congress to pass legislation to regulate artificial intelligence. He added that it is necessary to prohibit AI from imitating human voices.

The president announced that lawmakers must protect people from the risk of potential dangers arising from the use of AI. The reason for his statement is the fake robocall campaign in which his voice was imitated and which reached thousands of voters who received a call about the New Hampshire primary election.

Authorities say this fake campaign is an attempt to interfere in the election through AI. Despite the potential danger of AI interfering with the election process, few expect lawmakers to be able to pass legislation to regulate the matter anytime soon.

All this does not prevent the big technology companies from continuing to attract users to new features and possibilities that AI offers.

Researchers and experts in the field of artificial intelligence fear the widespread use of AI before the area is regulated. Hundreds of experts have signed a letter calling on technology companies developing AI to make changes to their company policies and agreeing that there is a need for independent safety assessments of the use of AI.

“Generative AI companies should avoid repeating the mistakes of social media platforms, many of which have effectively banned types of research aimed at holding them accountable” wrote in the letter.

In it, the researchers also add that some AI companies are suspending researchers’ accounts and changing their terms of service in order to prevent some evaluations. The experts also say that “disempowering independent researchers is not in AI companies’ own interests”.

In summary, users should be aware of the limitations and challenges that may arise when using AI, for which there is still no regulation, nor sufficient information about what risks and harms it could cause.

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