Telefónica announced that it and Microsoft will collaborate on the GSMA Open Gateway initiative at Mobile World Congress (MWC) yesterday. With this global project, operators are opening up access to their telecommunications and networking capabilities to developers, cloud service providers and businesses in general through interoperable network APIs (application programming interfaces) based on open industry standards.

API is a key feature of future networks to be able to offer users new real-time services that consume high bandwidth and require low latency. Cloud service providers and aggregators will play a major role.

“In the coming years there will be an explosion of new services that will impact our networks. To provide the best experience to our customers and offer them innovative services, the best connectivity is not enough; it is necessary to face this challenge with the involvement of the entire technological ecosystem. Our agreement with Microsoft is essential in this objective, which is why we are expanding our collaboration framework”.

said Mark Evans, Telefónica’s Chief Strategy & Development Officer.

Telefónica Kernel allows the creation of digital capabilities from complex telecommunications systems to develop new digital solutions that place the customer at the center, giving them full control over their data and guaranteeing privacy during their experience on all channels and devices.

Together with the company’s new generation networks, Telefónica Kernel forms the basis for advancing in the programmable networks of the future through Open Gateway and for creating new value-added services.

During the presentation with Microsoft at the Telefónica stand at MWC, Chema Alonso, Telefónica’s Chief Digital Officer, showed the first use cases that the company has developed internally and in collaboration with other companies. These are use cases based on an initial family of Telco APIs already available to promote new experiences in areas with great potential such as connectivity optimization, communications, security in financial services, as well as privacy and security. in general.

Telefónica has also agreed to incorporate the GitHub Enterprise platform, including GitHub Copilot, into its internal development process. GitHub will offer Telefónica the latest version of its services as soon as they are commercially available, and will provide the necessary services to align its technology stacks with Telefónica’s business objectives.

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