Did You Know? The happiest developers work in the games sector 

Software professional is a profession that will never be called a demode.With the development of the technology industry, software developers are becoming more and more in demand and more young people are moving towards this field. Software professionals work on a wide range of tasks, from simple applications to operations that enable the execution of computer programs. Ready to learn some interesting facts about software developers? Well, it’s time to let you in on the Top interesting facts about software developers, according The CEO Magazine.

Interesting Facts About Software Professionals

The first programmer in history is a woman
Ada Lovelace, born in 1815, was the first programmer in history. In the early 1800s, she began working on the Analytical Engine and wrote the first computer program a century before the first computer was created.

She was an English mathematician and writer best remembered for her work on the mechanical computer, recognized as the analytical engine by Charles Babbage.

The first algorithm created for a machine of this type was published by Ada Lovelace, who was the first to realize that people could use computers for purposes other than simple computation. And so she became the first computer programmer in history.

The most desirable position is “web developer”
While this may seem obvious, any IT talent recruiter will tell you that the same job goes by many names, including full-stack developer, programmer, architect, analyst, etc. But research proves that it is the “web developer” profession that is the most coveted among IT talent.

Average level of experience
Almost all software developers have between two and five years of experience. Most mid-level programmers, who often work on complex development projects, have this experience. Full-time programmers often have six to 10+ years of experience, while engineering managers typically have 11 or more years.

The happiest developers work in the games sector
Do game developers like their jobs? In fact, the high job satisfaction scores they report on career statistics websites are proof of that. According to PayScale reports, video game developers scored a 3.8 out of five stars on the 2022 Job Satisfaction Index. Do you agree?

Men hold the majority of programmer positions
Another statistic related to software developers is that 88.6% of the workforce continues to be male. At the same time, this number is slightly lower than that of the 2016 study, which found that about 92% of developers are men, meaning that men are gradually starting to make way for women in tech as well.

Significantly lower average age
The average age of a licensed physician in good standing living in the United States is about 52. However, the average age of programmers in the United States is 32, and their average experience is only five years.

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