Codeverse and Varsity Tutors have united to ignite kids’ creativity through coding with an exciting and fun virtual class, Create Your First Video Game.

This free interactive class is hosted by Katy Lynch, Co-Founder of Codeverse. In fact, she aims to show kids how their creativity and imagination can come to life with coding.

Students will be able to choose colors, sound effects, fun objects, and game events using real coding principles. What is more, after class, students will be given free Codeverse accounts to further iterate and develop their own game, and Codeverse will select one student to have their game submitted to the Google Play and Apple App stores. Katy Lynch, Co-Founder at Codeverse, commented:

“I am so excited to host our first class with Varsity Tutors. The creativity and excitement kids have for coding never ceases to amaze me, and seeing the games they create and share is so rewarding. Codeverse is all about kids unlocking their creativity, bringing their ideas to life, and sharing their creations with the world. We are delighted to partner with Varsity Tutors to reach and connect with more kids.”

The class is part of the Beginning Coders Club, an after-school club hosted by Varsity Tutors. In the club, groups of 6-9 learners meet weekly for expert-led, interactive sessions to create and play games while learning the fundamentals of computer programming. It is open for registration until January 19th on the Varsity Tutors website.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International