OpenAI has increased hiring around the world, bringing on about 1,000 remote contractors in regions such as Latin America and Eastern Europe in the past six months, according to insiders, Semafor reports.

The article states that about 40% of the positions the company is seeking are computer programmers who create data for OpenAI models to learn software engineering tasks.

This news comes about a week after Microsoft announced it was laying off 10,000 jobs as well as an incredible multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT.

It would also be good to recall that OpenAI released a tool called Codex in August 2021, designed to translate natural language into code.

“They most likely want to feed this model with a very specific kind of training data, where the person provides a step-by-step layout of their thought process,”

a developer told Semafor, who was on a five-hour unpaid programming test for OpenAI.

He has asked to remain anonymous so as not to jeopardize future job opportunities.

OpenAI appears to be creating a dataset that includes not only lines of code, but also the human explanations behind them, written in natural language. The developer in question was asked to tackle a two-part series of tasks.

First, he was given a coding problem and asked to explain in written English how he would approach it. The developer was then asked to provide a solution. If he found a bug, OpenAI told him to describe in detail what the problem was and how it should be fixed, rather than just fixing it.

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