The Spanish government researchers have provided their antibody tests royalty-free to a World Health Organization (WHO) and UN-backed technology pool.

That is the first time a COVID-19 health tool has been licensed by the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP).

The agreement was announced on Tuesday. It means that other manufacturers will be able to make the tests without buying a licence, lowering costs and making them easier to produce. CSIC’s Javier Maira said:

“The novelty of the agreement is that CSIC will not charge royalties for the exploitation of its technology as long as it is manufactured for or in countries included in the list of low and medium income countries.”

Companies that produce the tests will also have to adjust the price to make them affordable in each country where they are marketed, the CSIC added.

The tests are simple to use and suitable for areas with limited access to laboratory facilities, the MPP said in a statement.

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