Foundational, the AI-powered data analytics platform, announced $8 million in seed funding and the general availability of its platform, which aims to enable developers to detect and fix data issues before code is deployed.

The company will use the new funding to continue to develop its technology and add new features to the platform.

“It has become a remarkably difficult task for developers to confirm crucial questions like, ‘What dashboards will this schema change affect?,’ ‘Can I deploy this code change safely?’ or ‘What data pipelines do we have that are not working?’” said Alon Nafta, CEO and co-founder of Foundational.

“The inability to validate simple code changes, and the lack of visibility and controls, and the time-consuming nature of data engineering create a dramatic bottleneck on innovation and adoption of data and AI”, he added.

By building partnerships with data organizations around the world, Foundational aims to redefine the way large-scale data platforms are built and maintained. With this funding, the company will continue to evolve its technology and introduce new product capabilities for data developers.

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