For professionals who have a working knowledge of C++, the opportunities for career development will continue to increase year on year. The job market is expanding, encompassing various fields from finance to gaming.

C++ can be found in video games, servers, databases and many areas. It is also actively used in the blockchain ecosystem, and Bitcoin or the Solidity smart contract language are written entirely in C++. In 2022, C++ ranks eighth on the list of highest paid programming languages according to a DevJobs Scanner survey.

And according to the TIOBE index, C++ is among the most commonly used programming languages along with Python and Java. The salaries earned by C++, Java and Python programmers are getting higher. Therefore, choosing a career in programming as well as gaining knowledge in C++, Java and Python would be an excellent start towards building your better future.

But what are the annual salaries for Python, Java and C++? eFinancialCareers takes a look at the 2023 Developer Report from engineering analytics company Stack Overflow, which ranks the top three highest-paying three of the world’s most-used programming languages.

Let’s find out.

See in our gallery what are the annual salaries for Java, C++ and Python.

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