DevZero, a startup launched by a former Uber engineer, has created a system that allows developers to create and test code in the cloud, removing the burden of resources from the local machine and freeing up developers’ time spent waiting for local builds, techcrunch reports.

The startup announced $26 million in funding, which includes a previously unannounced $5 million seed round and a newer $21 million Series A. At the same time, DevZero also announced the general availability of its cloud development platform.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Debo Ray says his goal is to make the development process easier for engineers while allowing them to freely choose the tools they will use.

“When a developer wants to do work, whatever they want to do, how can I give them an environment to actively code and test where they can immediately just get to build it, focusing only on the revenue generating parts of the business and letting DevZero take care of the underlying developer infrastructure,”

Ray told TechCrunch.

According to him, most of the developers’ work is done on laptops, and compiling in particular can be time-consuming when the developer’s machine is engaged for large chunks of time. By moving the development environment to the cloud, more resources are made available for the build process, allowing developers to get back to work faster.

Today, the startup has 21 employees and is hiring new ones in the meantime. For Ray, building a diverse organization is important and he believes it will ultimately lead to a better product.

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