JetBrains has released JetBrains IDE Services in an attempt to make it easier for developers to manage various development tools.

“Due to complex environments and distributed engineering teams, enterprise customers struggle to efficiently and securely deploy and manage IDEs, AI tools, and remote environments all at once. These struggles naturally slow businesses down and result in missed opportunities,” said Brian Noll, VP of sales and global partnership at JetBrains Americas.

JetBrains IDE Services provides a central management hub for five different JetBrains products: IDE Provisioner, AI Enterprise, License Vault, Code With Me Enterprise, and CodeCanvas.

IDE Provisioner provides IDE updates as needed to ensure outdated versions are not used, AI Enterprise provides AI-driven productivity features, License Vault automates the distribution of JetBrains IDE licenses, Code With Me Enterprise provides pair programming, and CodeCanvas handles the configuration of the development environment.

“With the release of JetBrains IDE Services, we are giving customers a centralized way to manage their development stack at the organizational level and dramatically improve the productivity of entire engineering departments with the inclusion of enterprise versions of JetBrains AI, Code With Me, and CodeCanvas in the suite,” said Noll.

The service is available with an on-premises deployment option, but the company has plans to add a cloud offering as well.

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