SharePlay is a new powerful set of great features for shared experiences while on a FaceTime call. It also supports popular applications such as NBA, TikTok, Twitch, Paramount+, etc. This gives an opportunity for all users who can now watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, or complete a workout with friends together on a FaceTime call.

SharePlay makes it possible for iPhone, iPad, and Mac1 users to share experiences with friends and family while on a FaceTime call – you can chat with each other, listen to an album together, etc.

SharePlay sessions offer shared playback controls, so anyone on the FaceTime call can play, pause, or jump ahead while enjoying

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synced media. With dynamic volume controls, audio from the streaming content will automatically lower when a FaceTime participant is speaking. Each participant in the SharePlay session streams directly from the relevant app on their own device, delivering high-fidelity audio and video.

Movies and TV shows can be streamed in sync while connecting over FaceTime with friends, offering a rich, real-time connection while watching the same content through apps like Apple TV+, MUBI, Paramount+, and SHOWTIME.

Users can bring songs, albums, and playlists right into their FaceTime call for a shared listening experience. With Apple Music, users can listen to a much-anticipated new album together or their favorite DJ mix completely in sync.

SharePlay introduces brand new ways to inspire wellness with family and friends. With the power of SharePlay, users can now work out or meditate together in Apple Fitness+, encourage one another through intervals with SmartGym, or wind down with a bedtime story together with BetterSleep.

With SharePlay, users can learn together despite physical distance. Kahoot! makes it possible to face off live in educational quizzes, Explain Everything allows users to chat over FaceTime while collaborating on a whiteboard, and Night Sky gives users a way to identify stars, planets, constellations, and satellites together.

SharePlay will keep the experience in sync for everyone on the FaceTime call. Photo Credits: Apple

Many developers have introduced entirely new ways to enjoy content in their app. For example, TikTok has added a way for users to watch a unique collection of videos together. Heads Up! fans can now play together even when they’re not in the same location. Cameo gives users a way to enjoy their friends’ reactions to a celebrity message when they see it for the first time. Popshop Live makes it possible to view shows and shop together. And with Apollo for Reddit, users in a SharePlay session can easily browse their favorite subreddits in sync.


Users can show off photos from a recent adventure, browse the web together while collaborating on a project, or teach a friend a skill while answering their questions right in the moment thanks to the screen sharing feature.

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