New GeForce RTX GPUs, ultra-efficient laptops, new Omniverse capabilities are among the highlights of the special CES keynote address.

New powerful GeForce RTX GPUs, a new generation of hyper-efficient laptops, new Omniverse capabilities and automotive partnerships were the highlights of a news-filled address ahead of CES, where the company talked about its new projects. The event was held in Las Vegas last week.

“AI is going to define the future of computing, and that has influenced a lot of the things we’re looking at today.”

said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president for gaming products at NVIDIA, as the presentation began.

Fisher was joined by several leaders from NVIDIA to present products and partnerships in gaming and content creation, robotics and next-generation vehicles.

Showcasing GeForce RTX 40 series laptops, RTX 4070 Ti graphics cards and DLSS 3 games
Fisher said the performance and power efficiency of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs enable the biggest generational leap yet, including 14-inch laptops for gaming and power creation, which go on sale in February and will start at $999 .

The companies have used generative artificial intelligence technology to create connectors and extensions for the Omniverse. Move.AI’s Omniverse extension, for example, enables video-to-animation conversion. Lumirithmic generates 3D meshes for heads from scanning faces. And Elevate3D generates photorealistic 3D visualizations of products from 360-degree video footage.

Johnson also announced that NVIDIA RTX Remix, which is built on Omniverse and is “the easiest way to mod classic games,” will soon enter early access. “The modding community can’t wait to get their hands on Remix,” she said.

Mercedes-Benz to create digital twins; Foxconn builds electric cars on NVIDIA DRIVE; Geforce NOW streams into cars
The NVIDIA DRIVE platform is open and easy to program, said Ali Kani, vice president of automotive at NVIDIA.

Hundreds of partners from across the automotive ecosystem are already developing software on NVIDIA DRIVE, including 20 of the top 30 new energy vehicle manufacturers, many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and software makers, and eight of the top ten truck and robotic taxi companies.


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