Summer is over and the school year has just begun. With nostalgia for warmer days, pupils and students are once again tuning up for a long learning period, and classrooms in schools and offices in universities are filled with life, curiosity and smiles from studious youngsters who are eager to plunge into the educational world, absorb new knowledge and skills and develop their qualities as individuals.

It’s no secret that in a world where technology is a driving force and an integral part of everyday life for everyone big and small, many of us are looking for help and support from none other than mobile apps that would only benefit anyone who needs them.

There are a number of these that could help students prepare for the long and difficult school year, and today we’ve chosen to bring you some of them – from math problem solvers and note-taking tools to book tracking programs and summary apps. And today we’ll share with you the top apps that can be of great use to students in the new school year, presented by TechCrunch.

Top 5 Most Useful Mobile Apps for Students

If you’re the kind of student where time is never enough, even to read a book, you might want to use StoryShots, a free learning app that provides book summaries in text, audio and video format.

StoryShots divides the book into small parts, providing the reader with a few paragraphs that summarize the most important points. The app can be useful for those who want to learn a topic in a timely manner, especially for upcoming exams or an approaching deadline. The app provides infographics, mind maps, presentations and short videos.

Essayist is more suitable for students because it helps them in essay writing. The iOS app can automatically apply citation styles, including APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard. Essayist also helps with in-text citation formatting, references, page titles, and cover pages, as well as page settings, such as font, font size, line spacing, alignment, page numbering, and more.

And that’s not all. Essayist has a reference management feature that allows students to include chapters from books, magazines, websites, and even movies. There are more than 25 types of references in total. Users can use Google Scholar to add references or copy and paste a URL.

Photomath is an application for solving mathematical problems. Problems are scanned, and the app shows a step-by-step solution to teach students how to solve difficult equations. Users point their camera at a math problem (handwritten on paper or typed) and the app sends the image to cloud servers that analyze and determine the answer. There’s also an in-app calculator if users want to enter the question manually.

Bookly is an app that helps track and manage users when they want to set reading goals. Users can set how many books they want to read in a month or a year and how much time they want to spend reading. They can also set an end date goal for each book so that students can more effectively meet deadlines and assignments.

The app has a timer that users can tap to see when they started reading for the day, and a countdown based on their goals. So if a user wants to take 20 minutes a day to read, Bookly will notify them when the time is up.

Peech is a reader that turns any text file, PDF, book or web article into audio. Did you know about the existence of such an app? The concept of a text-to-speech generator alone is enough to help a student who is overwhelmed with assignments. Moreover, the app can also be useful for people with dyslexia, low vision or other conditions that make reading difficult.

There are many ways to audition content, whether it’s copying and pasting text directly into the app, uploading files, embedding a URL, or even scanning a textbook with your phone’s camera. And the best part is that the app is available in 50 languages.

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