OpenText introduced the latest version of ValueEdge – ValueEdge23. It includes new capabilities that build on the platform’s existing functionality, enabling Chief Technology Officers to accelerate speed to value by eliminating the typical wait, cost and dozens of issues in the development process.

The ValueEdge23 platform also includes system services, analytics and dashboards. It also serves as the platform for the full suite of additional acceleration modules, such as ValueEdge Strategy and ValueEdge Functional Test. And pricing is available upon request.

“ValueEdge23 is a platform and suite of DevOps tools to help businesses automate the whole digital value chain to get a smarter application to market faster. We are breaking new ground in the DevOps space, enabling organizations to develop and deliver software the right way”.

said Muhi Majzoub, EVP and Chief Product Officer at OpenText.

ValueEdge23’s major new capabilities include:
Strategic planning for an agile world – powered by the new ValueEdge Strategy module and ValueEdge Agile, this capability is designed for the continuous planning process demanded by today’s agile development organizations.

Codeless quality – powered by ValueEdge Functional Test, allows formerly manual testers to codelessly create automation and keep it resilient, meeting the CTO’s need for greater test coverage.

Real-world performance engineering – delivered by ValueEdge Performance and the other solutions in the Micro Focus LoadRunner family of software testing products, enables applications to be performance engineered, starting early in their lifecycle and anticipate real-world stresses.

The ValueEdge23 cloud-based platform also includes system services, analytics and dashboards and serves as a platform for a full complement of optional Acceleration Modules, such as ValueEdge Strategy and ValueEdge Functional Test. Pricing is available upon request.

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