Microsoft will add the OpenAI writing technology to Office, providing users with a way to compose text by incorporating artificial intelligence technology into its applications.

The company wants to incorporate AI created by OpenAI into Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and more. Artificial intelligence in MS Office will be used to create emails that are automatically generated based on the information the user would like to convey to the recipient.

Microsoft engineers and researchers are using OpenAI’s machine learning models to create personalized AI tools for composing emails and documents.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also begun testing a new feature called Teams chat, which it plans to integrate into Outlook soon.

The company says the feature will be available to all users as early as March 2023.

It will provide easy Teams chat from Outlook in the context of a meeting, so participants can send a quick message or review the chat.

With this feature, participants and organizers will be able to use the chat integration to discuss the meeting in real time.

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