A report by the Financial Times reveals that Spotify has removed 7% of all songs created by artificial intelligence-powered music startup Boomy, Coin Telegraph reports. Spotify is also said to be tightening control of the platform in light of the situation, and the battle between the music industry and artificial intelligence continues.

The company’s decision to remove songs that are created by artificial intelligence comes after Spotify and other streaming services began receiving complaints of fraud and platform overload. According to the FT’s sources, music industry giant Universal Music Group has warned streaming service providers about “suspicious streaming activity” of Boomy tracks.

“Artificial streaming is a longstanding, industry-wide issue that Spotify is working to stamp out across our service.”

Spotify commented.

Representatives from Boomy were quick to comment, saying the platform is “categorically opposed” to any manipulation or artificial streaming of any kind.

“The recent explosive development of generative artificial intelligence, if unchecked, will increase the flow of unwanted content across platforms and create rights issues under existing copyright law.”

say the company.

Last month, UMG sent an email to streaming services, including Spotify, asking them to block AI services from accessing music catalogues for training purposes.

While music industry giants fight for control over AI, some artists, like Grimes, are taking the side of the innovative technology. It has allowed creators to use its voice in attempts to create AI music, but on the condition that certain rules are followed and royalties are split.

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