Amazon has developed a new chip specifically for training artificial intelligence models, HypeBeast reports. Created by Amazon’s Web Services division, the chip is called Trainium2 and is believed to be the most advanced AI chip to date.

The second-generation chip will train models four times faster than first-generation Trainium chips. The company plans to use the chips to train both base models and large language models – the latter include artificial intelligence chatbots such as Anthropic’s Claude.

“Silicon underpins every customer workload, making it a critical area of innovation for AWS. By focusing our chip designs on real workloads that matter to customers, we’re able to deliver the most advanced cloud infrastructure to them”, Vice President of Compute and Networking at AWS David Brown said.

Tranium2 made its debut in conjunction with Graviton4, a versatile chip built on ARM architecture specifically crafted for cloud computing.

In addition, Amazon introduced Amazon Q, a business-centric AI chatbot. This assistant is customizable to suit the unique needs of a customer’s business, offering capabilities such as answering questions, assisting in content generation, and more.

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