According to a new study conducted by Reboot Online, Bulgaria is the best European country for women to work.

Photo Credit: Reboot

The study evaluated a variety of factors that contribute to women’s success in the workforce.

It created a points-based index to determine which countries on the continent offered the best prospects for female professionals, assessing economic opportunity, including the gender pay gap, women in leadership, and maternity leave.


Bulgaria scored 236.6 points out of a possible 300 after offering the best maternity leave package in Europe. It also ranked second-best for women in leadership, losing out only to Norway which boasts one of the most egalitarian societies in the world.

Croatia pulled in second place with 229.9 points in total, with the second-highest points for economic opportunity and maternity leave. The country also registered the second-highest points for economic opportunity, losing out to Italy.

Forming up the top five was Estonia, Norway and Slovakia, and the Netherlands, while Slovenia, Romania and Italy ranked sixth, seventh and eighth in Europe. Following up in ninth and tenth place were Latvia and Sweden.


On the opposite end of the scale was Turkey, which scored just 39.9 out of 300. Despite its poor performance, the country earned more points for women in leadership than countries traditionally known for being equal such as Germany and Austria.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International