Viber has announced that it will partner with Spotify to offer its users up to 90 percent off Spotify Premium Mini services, ABS-CBN News reports. The new option is available in a number of countries.

Spotify Premium Mini allows you to download 30 songs and unlimited ad-free music tracks on 1 mobile device for P1 per day or P26 per week. This is also what differentiates it from Premium plans that start at P149 per month.

But there is one condition to benefit from the services of the new partnership. The messaging platform said the offer is available to users of its app who are 18 years of age or older and are new or existing Spotify users who have never previously used Spotify’s offers or been a subscriber to any of Spotify’s Premium offerings.

Rakuten Viber CEO Ofir Eyal said they partnered with Spotify to provide Viber users with “fun features that are effortless to use.”

Activating the new option is done through various promo posts on Viber and with the latest version of the chat app.

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