The software industry world uses a variety of different languages, however some of them are found to be more popular than others.

Some programming languages can outweigh others and become trendy amongst the developers community because they are found to be more convenient, easy to learn and interesting to examine. However, we have to keep in mind that the technology market is steadily growing and hence this never-ending topic is constantly changing.

According to the lecturers and guest-speakers from the Java2Days and Codemonsters conference, held last year before the Christmas holidays, the language trends depend on the market needs. This is the case with Go and Rust, which is used more and more in DevOps.

We have to consider the fact that even if one programming language is widely accepted and used, it doesn’t mean that developers enjoy using it. For instance, even though PHP is widespread in the market, coders still consider it as “limited”.

An exception is Python, the third most popular language for both companies and developers. Because it’s facilitated model, general purpose, and efficiency Python is becoming more and more famous amongst beginners and professionals.

The top three programming languages for 2020 were JavaScript, Java and Python. Considering the current pandemic situation with  Covid-19, it will be interesting to see whether these trends will remain the same during 2021.

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