Smartphone apps have taken over our daily lives and are becoming increasingly usable by consumers. They have different functions – from educational to entertainment. And although developing a mobile app is an enjoyable process, it needs a little more help, especially in choosing the right programming language.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the basic programming languages needed to develop Android apps, according to Analytics Insight. And while Kotlin is the official language of the platform, that doesn’t limit the use of other languages.

Basic Programming Languages for Android App Development

Did you know JavaScript is the most used language on the internet. The increase in popularity of frameworks like jQuery, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and React.Js has increased the popularity of JavaScript. The nice thing about JavaScript is that it is a language that can be used to design front-end GUIs, back-end servers, and even mobile apps. You may create cross-platform apps for iOS and Android mobile devices using the well-liked JavaScript framework React Native. JavaScript is a fantastic option due to its widespread appeal and popularity.

Initially, Java served as the official language for developing Android apps (Kotlin has since taken its place), and as a result, it is also the most popular language. Java is the most supported language by Google and is used to create many apps in the Play Store. In addition to all of this, Java has a fantastic online community for help. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) raises the degree of complexity. Java could be difficult for novices, who would rather get started with something simpler and return to it later.

Dart’s primary selling point is that Google created it as a client-optimized language for quick programs on any platform. Dart’s primary goal is to facilitate UI creation for programmers by using features like hot-reload, which enables programmers to view changes immediately as they are made to the application. Dart is renowned for quick performance and for compiling machine code for ARM and x64 for mobile, desktop, and backend. And for web applications, JavaScript.

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