Hiroshi Lockheimer, Android’s supervisor, appeals to Apple to embrace a new text messaging standard which is supposed to give users an easier way to cross-platform communication.

In a tweet, Lockhimer accused the company of “using peer pressure and bullying as a way to sell products” which makes it “disingenuous for a company that has humanity and equity as a core part of its marketing.”

However, earlier today, Lockhimer renounced the averment that his tweets were a critique to the company which has no intention of bringing iMessage to Android. He claims that his only preference is Apple to support RCS in iMessage. According to him, the adoption will be helpful for more people to connect. Lockheimer tweeted:

“If you want to reach someone and you don’t know whether they use app x, y, or z, you have high confidence that sending them a text (SMS) will work”

In his words, supporting RCS would improve the experience for both iOS and Android users alike.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International