Darktrace announced the release of Newsroom, a new critical vulnerability detection and alerting system that uses open source intelligence (OSINT) to identify threats to businesses, CSO Online reported.

Newsroom uses in-depth knowledge of a customer’s external attack surface to assess its exposure to discovered vulnerabilities and provide a summary of exploits, affected software and assets within the organization, Darktrace said.

The new system also provides guidance on reducing business-specific vulnerabilities. Darktrace Newsroom is now available as part of the Darktrace PREVENT product range.

In a press release, the company also shares that Darktrace Newsroom autonomously monitors threat feeds and OSINT sources for new critical vulnerabilities and publishes them to the Darktrace PREVENT dashboard. This gap detection and aggregation complements human security teams by alleviating long and labor-intensive manual processes, the firm added.

“If we consider that an average of four new critical vulnerabilities are released every day, and the time it takes for attackers to exploit these has shrunk to an average of 12 days, you can imagine that the race against time to understand and mitigate these threats in line with your risk profile is not something that even an army of analysts, if that luxury was afforded, can carry out alone,”

Said Jim Webber, VP enterprise security and fraud management at Direct Federal Credit Union, and Newsroom early adopter.

Darktrace Newsroom addresses a major challenge facing security leaders today, namely to cut through the media noise and get to grips with the realities of their risk profile. Newsroom provides clearcut insights about the impact of new vulnerabilities in a way that is timely and bespoke to his organization.

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