Solana Labs co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko said he will make improvements to the software update process to ensure network reliability and uptime, CoinDesk reported.

“The issues around last week’s 1.14 network update – which focused on improvements for speed and scale – made it clear how maintaining stability during these major updates remains a challenge.”

said Anatoly Yakovenko.

He also stated that last week’s 1.14 network update raised the issue of maintaining stability during major updates.

After the latest release, engineers plan to bring in additional outside developers and auditors to test and detect exploits. They will also form an adversary team that will consist of nearly a third of Solana Labs’ core engineering team.

“For example, Jump Crypto’s Firedancer team is building a second validator client to increase the network’s throughput, efficiency, and resiliency. Mango DAO developers are focused on the tooling needed to build on Solana,”

Yakovenko said.

The comments were made after a lengthy outage of the Solana blockchain over the weekend. The problems, which began as slow transaction processing, have turned into a near-complete shutdown of Solana’s operations. Developers said Monday that the cause of the weekend’s network-wide outage is still unclear, but investigations are ongoing.

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