Earlier this week, in a tweet Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron shared an image of crypto wallet MetaMask integrated into Discord’s user interface with the text “probably nothing” — shorthand language in the NFT (Non-fungible token). He contextualized the previous tweet Wednesday evening, noting that Discord has “no current plans” to integrate crypto wallets into its app

Discord was indeed actively exploring how blockchain technology could complement its existing mission. However the screenshot was only a pre-release mockup of what crypto wallet integration might look like. As Discord re-evaluates how to best keep its values aligned with the communities that have built bustling home bases on the platform, it’s necessary for some of that work to go on pause.

Meanwhile users expressed concerns that integrated crypto wallets would only exacerbate rampant crypto scams on the platform.

Citron’s clarification makes it clear that Discord is listening to its community. While many NFT projects do call the platform’s servers home, a vocal part of Discord’s user base evidently doesn’t want the company to touch the crypto business with a 10-foot pole.

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