The first important update for Windows 11 is on its way. There will be different kinds of features and improvements but maybe the most significant one is the involvement of support for Android applications.

Users will be able to run Android applications on Windows and this is one of the most expected features. Chrome OS and macOS already support the feature and now Microsoft is planning to roll out a preview which will represent its Android applications for Windows 11. The public preview will be available in February.

Also, Google is now working on an app which will give you an opportunity to play Android games on your PC.

Which are the other features? 

Some of them include the returning of the weather widget. Not only that but the Notepad and Media Player will also be updated. For example, the Notepad will be provided with a dark mode. There will also be an option which will allow you to share your screen to other remote users.

Despite everything, the date of the release is not revealed yet.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International