Apple is in talks with Google to bring Gemini artificial intelligence to the iPhone, Reuters reports.

At issue in the talks is Gemini’s licensing of some new features that will be added to iPhone software this year. No word yet on what the parties will decide on terms, branding, or how Gemini will be introduced into iPhone software.

A deal between the companies is unlikely to be concluded before June. Then Apple will hold its annual developer conference. Additionally, the tech giant has recently been in conversation with OpenAI about using their AI model.

The deal will help Google, with its AI services being able to reach more than 2 billion active Apple devices.

Apple and Google are longtime partners. Therefore, Google is the default search engine in Apple’s web browser – Safari. A potential tie-in to genAI would help Alphabet overcome its concerns that AI services like ChatGPT could threaten its dominance in search.

On the other hand, a new agreement between the two companies could lead to tighter scrutiny from US regulators. They sued Google, citing that the organization illegally dominated the competition, paying billions of dollars to Apple in order to be able to maintain its leading role in search.

At the beginning of the year, Google collaborated with Samsung to build genAI into the Galaxy S24 smartphone model. Thus, Google increased the use of Gemini.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company is investing heavily in generative AI. He also adds that more of the plans to use this technology will be revealed later in the year.

Apple is working on its plan to use its AI models for innovations in iOS 18. The company is looking for a partner to develop genAI features, add those to create images, and create an essay on a relatively simple and easy description.

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